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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In a body building program the exercises that  you do can make all the difference  between an effective program and one that won't do much good. The good thing is that  there are many many body building  exercises you can incorporate into your workout that will help grow  your muscles and keep you fit and trim.
For big legs you'll want to do a lot of barbell squats and dead lifts The resistance you are putting on your legs when you perform these types  of exercises  will push  your muscles to make  them grow. That's  the point of and intense workout program quadriceps and hamstrings become tight and fit.

When working your arms the body building exercises you should count on will consist a lot of barbell and dumbbell  curls and well as bench presses. it's easy when performing these exercises to just concentrate on lifting the weight but what you really need to do is focus on the strain the weights are putting on your arm muiscles. Really push them as you are lifting  and feel how they  are working in response  .
Great avs are formed much in the same way as amy other muscle group. They need to be worked strained and pushed inn order to become toned. You can get help too. Try hanging from a chin up bar and lifting  your knees up or get on a machine specially designed to tone the ab muscles .

When working the upper back  a pul down bar machine  will make all the difference  in the world. This is a two handled curved bar that is attached to weights with a pulley system. You pull the bar down  with your shoulders behind  you.

Its important when choosing body  building when choosing body  building exercises that you pick the ones that you are physically able to do . Then be very conscious of the way the exercise is supposed to be performed. If you don't pay special attention to your form you risk injury which can set back your body building program significantly.
Do your research on what types of body  building exercises will work specific muscle  groups and then incorporate them into your workout regimen. Pick a variety of exercises  that  will make your body  everything  you dreamed it could be  and do them on a regular basis.  the reward is a toned fit body that you can be proud of.....

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