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The two most effective forms of exercise for losing weight are weight lifting and cardio exercise .
Weight lifting  lifting weight will result in a decrease in the development of fat by the body.

Lifting weights will result in an increase in muscle the more muscle a body has the more energy it  is capable of burning.
Extra energy in the body is consequently stored as fat for this reason building extra muscle in the body will ensure that this  extra energy is utilized and prevented from turning to fat.

The most effective muscles to work on are  larger  muscles groups such as thighs hamstrings back and the chest as these are larger muscles they will consequently burn larger amount of energy in order to sustain themselves.

Cardio exercises one of the most common and popular forms of exercise cardio is a great way to lose weight as it is capable of utilizing fat stores for energy and preventing excess energy form being stored as fat.
by staying in motion for an extended period  of time  your body is capable of utilizing glucose stores for energy and then moving  on to utilize fat stores for energy.

Suitable cardio exercise include running, power walking  swimming cycling basketball soccer tennis or any other exercise  or sport  tht involves continuous movement for  an extended period of time.

Some of the most popular forms of cardio exercise are as follows

1.. Running .. running is  extremely popular as it does not require any particular equipment and can be done  virtually anywhere . Running can burn a significant amount of energy however it can  cause discomfort to certain foints such as knees and ankles,.
2.. Cycling .. Cycling can be performed outdoors on a bicycle or inside on a cydling  machine and requires use of the legs in order to burn energy

3..Swimming .. Swimming is a full body  exercise  and the more body parts  that are involved the more energy this exercise is capable  of burning . Thirty minutes of an intensive stroke  such as breaststroke is capable of urning more energy than thirty minutes of running.One of the benefits of  swimming is that it allows for joint to be fully supported thus preventing the joint damage that can occur through running

4.. Step aerobics This  involves an intense workout for the legs buttocks and hops and burns  around the same amount of energy as swimming this form of exercise is available in video or in a class therefore  it is able to be performed at home or in the gym .

5..Elliptical  trainer.. for those with gym access or who are lucky enough to own one of these machines the elliptical trainer  will burn energy whilst protecting  joint from injury fue to ippact activities.

6..Power walking.. Brisk walking is an excellent form of exercise. Whilst it may not burn off as much energy as running  it will minimize the extent of damage to joints done  through impact with the ground.

7..Rowing.. Rowing machines are extremely simple to use and have the potential to burn as much energy as running or cycling.Vigorous rowing can significantly increase the hear rate and burn quit a lot of energy.

8..Rock climbing.. Rock climbing is capable of burning almost as  much energy as swimming.
Rock climbing can be quite strenuous and does involve the use of a large amount  special equipment and technique . Whilst not for the faint hearted it is a lot of fun particularly when climbing  with a partner

When exercising  it is important to  remember  to set trealistic expectations and to not be too hard on yourself during exercise refraining from doing so will  ensure you have a higher chance of enjoying  the exercise and will prevent  you from becoming disheartened and discontinuing the exercise.

When losing weight to develop a six pack many people will be aiming to develop and strengthen  muscle  simultaneously. This will have the opposite effect on weight as muscle  is denser than fat and weight more thus this increase in muscle will negate the loss of weight through a decrease  in fat.

In many cases an individuals weight will increase instead of decrease. This is not something to be  worried about rather than constantly weighing  yourself to determine your progress try checking  your clothing .
A decrease  in fat should  leave  your clothes feeling a little loose.

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