Saturday, January 8, 2011


Bodybuilding is one of the main sports that is popular through the whole world. This is a game that involves the act off the muscles in grown and developed through various exercises . There are many hardships  and restrictions through which the bodybuilders have to pass.
This is also one of the ancient sports that is known from the Grecian times.There are many of legends who have gained their names in the world of bodybuilding .This is a game for the young  generation .

Some of the names in the world of bodybuilding  are arnold SCHWARZENEGGER , LOU FERINGO, LEE HANEY , JAY CUTLER , and many others as well. As far as it is known the game  of bodybuilding  began from 1880 to1930. According to the history of bodybuilding this game reached the stage of the golden era during the 1940s.This was the time when bodybuilding became almost an art throughout the whole world.Today there are different types of bo9dybuilding that are meant for the separate age groups of people.They are
This is the industry of bodybuilding that is totally related to business.The people who are related to this category are the professional bodybuilders. They do not engage themselves in any other kinds of professions. Their earning is totally depended on  their muscles. There are also arrangements throughout the world that are famous for professional bodybuilding .
Natural bodybuilding is one of the main types of bodybuilding in today's world .In these tournaments the players need to show the real strength of their bodies. The muscles are all naturally grown and no medicines are allowed .Steroids are the main drugs that are sometimes taken by the bodybuilders in order to grow their muscles. but the natural bodybuilders are totally against this .They grow the muscles through hard work and all the natural techniques.
Today , bodybuilding is not only a sports for the matured people. This is the game that  is also practiced by the teenagers .There are several competitions that are held throughout the world .
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well known name in world of teenage bodybuilding.
Once upon a time, bodybuilding was a game  that was completely restricted to the men's world. But , today, women are also some of the greatest performers in this event .Apart from the general bodybuilding events  there are also other objects related to these types of competitions. Among them figure and fitness competitions are to be mentioned.
There are many things that are to be kept in mind for all the bodybuilders. Among them the most important thing is regular intaking of nutritious food elemen t. Maintaining of regular healthy diets is one of the most important thing  for them too. Apart from this they also have to abide by all the rules and regulations tahthave been set by the international authorities of bodybuilding that  are based in different major countries:

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